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How Is Our Treatment Different?

We use the latest Endovenous Laser technology for treatment of varicose veins and sclerotherapy for spider's veins.
- Minimal pain
- Quick recovery
- No need for general anesthesia
- No hospitalization, only day care procedure
- No incision and minimal scar from needle puncture

Does insurance cover?
Insurance does cover varicose veins and problematic spider veins that cause significant symptoms like pain, aches, tired and heavy legs. The treatment can be reimbursed under:

Local insurance agencies:
1. AIA
2. Allianz
3. Asia Assitance
4. AXA Insurance
5. Bank Muamalat
6. Compu Med
7. Great Eastern
8. ING
9. Kurnia Insurance
10. Manulife
11. Medi Express
12. Medijaring
13. Metronicares
14. Prudentia

International insurance agencies:


Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT): The ins and outs

EVLT is the latest alternative to the traditional vein stripping procedure - which requires hospitalisation, general anaesthetic and healing time from incisions and stripping. EVLT is an in-office procedure, performed under local anesthesia, that takes about an hour, is very safe and virtually painless. Better yet, there is little downtime.

Procedure: A catheter is placed inside the vein using local anaesthetic with ultrasound guidance. Inside the catheter, a laser fibre is threaded which, when activated, can close the vein from the inside. After the treatment, patients need to wear compression stocking for two weeks. From there on, patients can resume their normaly daily activities.

- Up to 90 percent success rate with no scarring
- Lower rick of complications
- Fast recovery with great patient satisfaction

Getting to know...

Dr. Lee Soon Khai is a Consultant Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon practising at Pantai Hospital KL. Dr. Lee is one of the very few Vascular Surgeons in the country.

There are just over 20 Vascular Surgeons serving a population of about 28 million in Malaysia.


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